Who this warranty extends to

  •   This limited warranty extends only to the original purchaser of any Mattress.

  •   Warranty is applicable only for the period of ownership by the original purchaser.

  •   Please retain a copy of the original invoice as a proof of this purchase.

  •   The warranty is not transferable. Leap warranty and responsibilities.

The Essential Mattress – 7 years

The Leap Mattress -7 years

What this limited warranty covers

This limited warranty applies to the following defects:

  •   Visible indentation greater than 1 inch.

  •   Physical flaws that cause the foam to split, crumble or crack.

Process For Returns

Please write to support@onleap.in with your order details within 33 calender days from date of purchase to register your return request.

Exceptions to our policies (warranty & 33 Nights Trial)

Misused products or tampered products will not be eligible for returns.

Any damage or defect not covered under the manufacturer’s warranty.

The original invoice with company’s seal and signature has to be presented for all the warranty and return requests.

Shipping & Transportation

The company takes responsible care to pack and ship the products in a safe manner, the sale is complete once the goods are delivered to the customer. If the goods are delivered in damaged condition, the customer has to inform the company immediately.

Applicable law

Disputes regarding of warranty, if any are subject to the jurisdiction of the Delhi