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We run our supply chain vertically and manufacture our products honestly. We cut out the middlemen to make a great product at a fair price.

More Layers Aren't Always Better


We’ve worked hard to reduce our layers down to what's essential. The performance of your sleep is what matters most because it provides the comfort you feel and the interaction your body needs. Our innovative foam is what makes this all possible.


Some other companies will add basic, off-the-shelf foams with fancy names to their mattress just as an excuse to charge you more. We've decided to only use the layers that matter and not charge extra for layers you won't feel.

The Honest Truth About Matttres Stores


  • # 1. Sales Person to help you to make desicion.
  • # 2. Easy to cross-comparison shop between stores.
  • # 3. Advances in mattress technology warrants higher prices.
  • # 4. Mattress stores tell you all you need to know about a bed.
  • # 5. Dont't Like your mattress, you can return it. No problem.

The Truth

  • Sales Person help themselves make mattress sales.
  • World of exclusivity agreements and mattress shop turf wars.
  • In Store mark-ups can be as high as 200%.
  • Sales jargon is readily available, Facts are not.
  • You can return it, but it will be a Hassle, and it won't be free.

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