About Us

The journey of Leap mattresses is a fine blend of age-old expertise with modern technology. With over 15 years of experience in making cozy, comfortable and sturdy mattresses, we have made a name for ourselves in this business.

Over the last year the company has evolved along with the advancement in technology and now with increasing demand we plan to extend the reach of our mattresses. Over the years our brand has received a series of appreciation and accolades from the industry, which has boosted our confidence and enthusiasm in the continuous improvement of the product.

The modern consumer of today demands futuristic offerings along with comfort and luxury and we pride us in fulfilling that demand. Our range includes “The Leap Mattress” category. In our mattresses, we use latex and memory foam.

The unique memory foam and latex responds positively to the body’s pressure points. We understand that every human body shape and requirements are different and our mattresses adapt to the body pressure, weight and pressure distribution.

We promote a holistic and healthy approach to leading our lives. Our mattresses are capable of repelling any bug growth and provide complete protection from mites, fungi, bacteria. We challenged ourselves to make a Leap-quality mattress in a more efficient design. The result? A sleep surface so comfortable, it's snooze-worthy.

For us, providing you with a better sleep solution is a part of our culture and we do not deviate from it. As India’s leading mattresses manufacturer, we assure you of the highest quality, better performance and peace of mind so that whenever you think of a sound sleep, you only remember Leap. Happy sleeping!