33 Nights Trial

Try Our Mattress for 33 Nights. You Get A 100% Refund If You Don't Like It.

Don’t be pressurized into buying a mattress after trying it out for just 10 minutes in a showroom. There is no one perfect mattress that suits every one.

We’ve spent over a year developing and testing the Leap Mattresses. Just order our mattresses and literally, sleep on it for 33 nights. And if you are still not satisfied, we will come home to pick up the mattress and give you back your money.

Just make sure that the mattress is returned in the same condition that it was purchased in.

For more details, we recommend that you call us On 09999114322

Process For Returns

Please write to support@onleap.in with your order details within 33 calender days from date of purchase to register your return request.

Exceptions to our policies (Warranty & 33 Nights Trial)

Misused products or tampered products will not be eligible for returns.

Any damage or defect not covered under the manufacturer’s warranty.

The original invoice with company’s seal and signature has to be presented for all the warranty and return requests.